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T. Haan & Associates was established in 2004, completing valuation assignments throughout California. We narrowed our coverage over time to specialize in Southern California, then specifically the Inland Empire. Our services included general appraisal assignments, litigation support, and eventually establishing quality controls and standards for local direct lenders through the 2008 Financial Crisis. Bank of America enlisted the services of T. Haan & Associates to assist in valuing Countrywide’s portfolio of distressed assets from 2009-2013. Completing over 5,000 valuations for Bank of America, T. Haan & Associates solidified their position as experts within the Inland Empire.

Our services have included general, commercial and residential appraisal assignments, litigation support and establishing quality controls and standards for local direct lenders.

With over 12,000 appraisals completed over 20 years, T. Haan & Associates has a wealth of valuation knowledge and experience. We have trained and developed talent throughout Southern California and continue to be champions of the profession. Professional appraisal and valuation services are a necessary and vital function in risk management, litigation, and investment.

Our Appraisal Services:

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